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Happy Easter From Me To You – Cadbury Mini Eggs Rebrand.

April 5, 2021

Happy Easter everyone! 🐣 Hope you’re all having a good few days off – it has been so busy at work for me (and life has been up and down as last year). So, these last few days have honestly been what I’ve needed. It’s been so nice to eat, relax, and just chill. I don’t celebrate Easter but I am thankful for this long…

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Burger King’s new “The Menu Court” campaign.

March 26, 2021

Burger King have partnered up with David Madrid, an advertising agency based here in Madrid, to create “The Menu Court.” David Madrid have very innovative campaigns on their Instagram account such as the below: Anyway, in my opinion, this one-minute video for Burger King is by far the best one they’ve created. See video below: The Menu Court ad is a basketball court game is basically…

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Happy Mother’s Day from Nike

March 15, 2021

We all know the Nike brand for its innovative campaigns and inspiring slogans. But I particularly love their recent slogan: ‘if you have a body, you are an athlete’, which was released as a one-minute short film released for Mother’s day. The short film called: “The Toughest Athletes”, celebrates women’s bodies, physical strength and the ‘solidity and empowerment’ of women as they go through their…

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February Favourites – Winter Sales & Great Finds!

February 27, 2021

Hey guys, here are my February favourites: clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery I bought at the beginning of this month and loved! 😊 I hope that you guys find these things helpful or find inspiration for some new things to buy. Let’s get started! I bought cute essentials from Mango to wear this Spring and Summer. 🍃 Mango: To start with, I bought a pair…

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January Favourites – Clean and Simple Skincare, Body Care etc For You To Try!

January 30, 2021

Hey guys, so, I decided to start sharing “my favourites” of the month this year. This month, I decided to share skincare, body care and hair products that I have been loving with you all. I hope that you guys find these things helpful or find inspiration for some new things to buy. Let’s get started! Firstly we have the skincare products I have been…

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Maltesers​ – #TheMassiveOverShare Campaign for New Mums

March 13, 2021

I am an advocate for ‘mental health’ so when I saw that Malteser’s recently launched their ‘#TheMassiveOvershare’ campaign, just in time for International Women’s Day, I was so excited. Maltesers launched ad’s and commercials which encouraged new mum’s to talk about their struggles after giving birth so that they could raise awareness and better recognise and understand symptoms new mums have which often is undetected,…

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