YouTubers you should follow…

March 13, 2020

This post will be about YouTubers who I think you should follow because they inspire me, put out great content, and use their platforms- i.e. to make a difference in this world.

See my recommendations below:

Who you should follow?

Annie Jeffery

I have been following Annie for over a decade after discovering her on Youtube and have been watching her videos ever since. I also follow her on Instagram and Facebook. She was on Snapchat and Twitter at one point but she no longer uses these platforms. However, she does blog so I often read her posts as well.

She was also someone I had a few interactions with through Snapchat (years ago). Here’s one of the messages she wrote to me:

Written on Thursday 14th January 2016

She was and is the reason I have decided to finally start blogging again for real. I had so many blogs over the years but I was never consistent with it until last year when I decided to design a professional-looking website and stick to it. 🤗

Why should you follow her?

She has great content on health, eating clean, wellness, self-care and self-love, beauty, style, home/interior decor, and most important the power of positivity. 💖

I love watching her YouTube videos – especially her vlogs.

I also really love the visual content she puts on Instagram and I enjoy her written content on her blog- it is always informative and educational (her health/fitness/wellness related videos are also informative/educational).

Her Instagram page is also aesthetically pleasing (see screenshot below):

More importantly, she puts so much effort into creating and editing her videos whether they are make-up tutorials, hauls, what I eat in a day, or vlogs. And I really appreciate that about her. So if you want to watch a great tutorial or vlog, subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Not to mention she is getting married this summer in a villa in Ibiza and will be sharing the wedding process with her viewers/followers which is great for anyone looking for inspiration in terms of planning a wedding/a wedding abroad. 🎉

Find her on:

Who you should follow?

Sazan Hendrix

I have been following Sazan for almost two years now so it’s not been too long but I love her content and story. I’d say her story resonates with me and I also find her super relatable.

It’s been great following her journey as an influencer, mother, and believer of God. Her podcast especially has gotten me through dark seasons of my life.

I mostly watch her YouTube videos and IG Stories and listen to her podcast which she does with her husband every Wednesday (I listen to it without a fail every week) and finally, read her blog when she puts out a post.

I also follow her family’s Instagram account and her husband Stevie.

Find her/them on:

Why you should follow?

Her podcast portrays a couple who are real, honest, and not afraid to be open, intimate, vulnerable, or themselves.

Both her and Stevie freely talk about their faith, struggles, experiences as parents, and as an inter-racial couple.

They also talk about how her family never accepted her relationship which she kept in secret for many years which lead to her being disowned due to the fact she married outside her race. Her story is so heartfelt but she has a happy ending and continues to share her stories with her followers.

So if you’re someone like me who likes raw/real/honest content which isn’t filtered or politically correct then you’ll def like their podcast/platforms. Especially Sazan’s YouTube channel where both her husband and beautiful daughter Teeny (Valentina) make appearances!😍

Who you should follow?

Nazanin Kavari

I have been following this beauty for about four years now and I have watched her grow as a businesswoman, a girlfriend turned wife and now I am watching her grow as a mother.

She is the same age as my twenty-one-year-old sister but she has come so far in such a short time that she inspires both of us. It’s pretty amazing how much she has achieved by twenty-one years old.

Last year alone, she got married, pregnant, and bought a house all before twenty-five which is the average age (at least in my culture) to achieve all this by!

She has been creating content on YouTube since she was 13/14 and has become a known name within the beauty industry.

Her content on YouTube is so entertaining to watch that I am probably one of the first viewers to watch her videos! 😌 

She also posts lots of great photos on Instagram much like her Husband Mel does on his page.

Find her/them on:

Why you should follow her?

If you like try-on hauls, makeup tutorials, vlogs, family/lifestyle content, etc you will love Nazanin’s YouTube videos which she creatively films, and edits.

Her feed on Instagram is always aesthetically pleasing (as is her husband) and IG stories are fun to watch!

So if you like the sound of any of these YouTuber’s I mentioned- def go check them out, better still go follow them- you won’t regret it! 😉

Moving on, if you want to read my heartfelt thank you messages to my loved ones in honor of International Women’s Day, click here:

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