How I aim to stay productive in quarantine during COVID-19

March 19, 2020

We all know what Coronavirus or COVID-19 is so I don’t even need to elaborate this further – especially since it’s a global pandemic.

Like a lot of people (all around the world) I am currently in quarantine, so I need to find ways to stay productive since no one but God knows how long we will be in this situation.

I also urge you all to a) go into self-quarantine, if your country hasn’t put you in a major lockdown like in Italy or Spain and b) find ways to stay productive (whether you are working from home or not) so you don’t lose your mind from boredom/idleness.

Remember staying home will not only protect you from the virus but those around you too.

It has never been easier to save lives by socially distancing yourself and doing nothing but staying at home.

Note: STAY AT HOME = flattening the curve (see below):

Not to mention with the use of technology, food, and other basic necessities staying at home shouldn’t be an issue.

I’ve been in quarantine what feels like forever but actually, it’s only been since the 15th of March and I have never been more grateful for having a roof over my head, a fridge/cupboards stocked with food, WIfI, and all my other necessities as well as luxuries.

I could have been in the streets, a less developed country, or generally in a bad situation but instead I am comfortable, cozy, and safe at home which truly is a blessing I am super grateful for!

Anyway, here is a list of what I aim/hope be doing to stay productive:

I have also decided to create new habits and have found this habit tracker: to write down my daily habits.

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Until next time …

With love,


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