30 Random Facts About Me

March 23, 2020

Here are 30 random facts about me for those who are interested/bored due to the quarantine/coronavirus situation and want a quick read. I personally enjoy reading things like this (because let’s face it, we’re all a bit nosy) and who knows one of you out there, may enjoy reading my post! πŸ™‚

  1. Childhood nickname: Baby-slammer, Suleiman Roshte. Current nicknames: Sal, Salms, Sally
  2. Favourite childhood book is Kensuke’s island 
  3. A book I can read over and over again would be The Alchemist 
  4. I used to make Christmas crackers at my mum’s aunts house (it was a family business)
  5. Can’t go a day without rice/and or curry
  6. I love Indian and Italian cuisines
  7. My favourite YouTubers are: Annie Jaffrey, Nazanin Kavari, Sazan Hendrix
  8. An influencer I follow on Instagram whose content I love is: Diipa Khosla
  9. My dream job is/was to become a magazine editor
  10. I used to record home-made films with my camcorder
  11. I have a history of panic attacks and anxiety
  12. Legit a clean freak
  13. My current favourite singer is: Sabrina Claudio
  14. A huge Disney fan
  15. I’m so afraid of heights
  16. I am both a homebody and social butterfly
  17. My last message was from my sister earlier today
  18. My last message was to my group chat: Quadreamos! πŸ‘‘πŸŽ©πŸ‘‘πŸ‘’
  19. I am quite shy (no one would believe this)
  20. Last time I laughed: just now with G πŸ€—πŸ’•
  21. One thing I can’t live without is: my phone (typical millennial answer)
  22. Def both a mummy’s and daddy’s girl 😜
  23. I am an ambivert
  24. I am a hopeless romantic
  25. Favourite names for a girl: Sofia or Valentina 
  26. I like E.E. Cummings poetry/poetry in general
  27. One goal: is to see the world so I travel often
  28. Online shopping is better than shopping in stores (it stresses me out)
  29. I laugh way too much (even at the most inappropriate times)
  30. I try to always look for the good in a situation/person

If you would also like to read how I am/will be staying productive, read my previous post here.

Until next time …

With love,



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