What I am doing at home – Quarantine edition

April 8, 2020

So we’ve been practising social distancing and more importantly self-isolation for a few weeks now due to being in quarantine (in my case it has been exactly 25 days).

I’m trying to keep positive and most importantly sane since being at home has become my/our new “normal”.

I have taken it upon myself to find ways to stay productive (read my post on what I am aiming to do to occupy myself here).

It hasn’t been the easiest time for me due to my anxiety and low moods but I know I am not the only one feeling this way so I’m trying different things to help my mental health and help me enjoy my free time at home better.

I wanted to share the things that I mostly do at home that have helped me pass the time (below):


I’ve never been one to cook from scratch unless I had free time during the weekends (which was rare since I was always out and about) but this has changed drastically since going into lockdown.

I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen, making all kinds of foods and it’s been a great way for me to pass the time and take my mind off of everything that’s going on in the world for a little bit.

I’ve also been watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother/Friends to further help me take my mind off things since I love these series so much!

Additionally, I am buying a pressure cooker so that I can make quick, easy, and delicious recipes I have found online.

Note: The first thing I will make with my pressure cooker will be Irene Sarah’s one-pot biryani. Eeek, I can’t wait!

Working Out

I’ve been loving walking/hiking every few days and it’s been great- however since I can’t go out every day so I have started working out from home and it has been so good for me both mentally and physically.

I have mostly been dance workouts and no equipment workouts and decided to add Yoga or Pilates to the mix? Hmm, it’ll be challenging since I have never done it before but I think it will be so good for me.

I have also ordered a Yoga mat (as well as new workout clothes) which should be coming soon *fingers crossed*!

Note: I’ll do a post when they arrive and will let you know what workout videos I have been following (on YouTube) for my workouts too. 😉

Online Shopping

I have been buying essentials that I’ll need/wear/use while at home as well as things I will need/wear/use when I am finally able to go out too which has made me feel so much happier, as materialistic and superficial as this may sound.

This is because I have been so good at saving for the past year (spending money only when I need to) that this little quarantine treat was much needed. It’s been a therapeutic experience. Retail therapy works people (well for me anyway) and I am so so excited to finally receive my packages (it always feels like Christmas when I get a delivery lol). 😀

Note: I’ll do a haul post when my stuff arrives.

Watching Netflix and Disney+

I recently subscribed to Disney+ and started watching old (favourite) shows from my childhood/teen years and it made me feel super nostalgic in the best way possible since it reminded me of a simpler time- a time where I was young, carefree, happy and in good spirits 90% of the time- a time without anxiety, low moods, stress, and too many responsibilities Hehe.

Anyway, once I did that- I went back to watching shows on Netflix since that was a mini “I’m having a little freak-out” type of mood that lasted a few days. ^

Here are a few recent series I am currently watching on Netflix: How To Get Away With Murder, Money Heist Part 4, and Elite Season 3. I have seen Tiger King and man I did not like it. It was pretty weird!

I am also going to be watching: When they see us and Sex Education since they were highly recommended to me.

I am watching these series whilst watching random movies every other Saturday night as a little at-home cinema experience with a cup of hot chocolate and chocolate with strawberries and cream as a treat!

Reading, reading, reading

I am reading every day and enjoying it but it’s mostly reading articles, features, news, or blog posts online rather than physical books which I have a lot of. But I don’t know why I can’t pick up a book and read???

I mean I still have to read the books I was gifted for New Years (His Dark Materials trilogy) so hopefully I can get into it- after all, I was so excited to read it after a co-worker constantly recommended it to me.

House Party Calls

I have been using this app to talk to my friends and family and it’s been so lovely not just because I have been video-calling them but because I have also been playing games with them.


I have been doing short courses online via LinkedIn (with Lynda.com) to further better/perfect the skills I have such as HTML or coding etc.

And I have also been doing free courses like The Science of Well-being by Yale on Coursera and will be doing a few more on a variety of subjects.


What are some of the things you have been doing at home to pass the time? I would love to know.

Comment below or drop me an email because this is the best time to share ideas/get inspiration to make the most of being at home and you never know who will benefit from what you are doing.

PS. If you would like to read my latest post which is a dark poem about love and abuse then click here!

Until next time …

With love,


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