How I am *trying* to stay sane and positive right now

April 20, 2020

So I’m trying hard to keep myself sane and positive because I really can’t deal with too much free time. I start to overthink/worry/panic otherwise and over every little thing.

I am currently not working (long story) so I don’t have work to keep me occupied, which in turn would have kept me more sane, and positive.

However, I am trying to do so many other things to keep myself occupied which actually has been helping me. Read my weekly routine post to know what I’ve been up to here or read my post on how I aim (and now succeeding at) staying productive here.

I am also spending more time being grateful- praying and meditating A LOT more than I have ever done in my life! This has become a consistent, and constant thing since going into lockdown.

Meditating has helped me clear my mind and has allowed me to gain a positive attitude and outlook every morning.

I’ve been doing Deepak Chopra’s 21-day abundance meditation (I’m currently on day 20- woo one more day to go) and it’s been so great.

My mentor Sandra added me to a Whatsapp group where she has been sending audio recordings and activities in order for me and 30 others to do this challenge. It’s been so uplifting and beneficial for my mind, body, and soul! 🤗

I also have the Headspace app which I will use once the 21 days are over.

Note: Both meditating and praying has been helping me to now count my blessings instead of count my problems (which for me has been challenging due to my low moods and anxiety).

Things I am grateful for…

For example, here are some of the blessings I have/still am grateful for:

And so so so much more! YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

I have been also listening to feel-good music (of all genres) which has been lifting my spirits more than ever before and I’m someone who barely listens to music unless I’m working out, studying or I’m in the car, and I think I will create a Spotify list to share with you all soon?!

Lastly, I am resting A LOT. I’ve learned to listen to my body more and if I’m just not up for something then I’m going to acknowledge that I’m not, and I’ll rest instead and by that I mean to lay down or sit comfortably on the sofa whilst watching Netflix or using my phone.

Finally, I have been looking at the positives from being in isolation now because lord knows my moods have been so up and down (mostly down) in the last 36 days I have been at home and all I want is to have a sense of calmness, stillness, peace, and joy on most days.

Anyway, I hope this was a good read. Let me know how you are staying positive, and sane? 😊 

PS. Read my last post on what I’ve been up to (at home- quarantine edition), here.

With love,


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