My at-home workout haul and routine

May 6, 2020
Here is my at-home work-out haul and routine via the YouTube videos I have been watching and loving…

So I have been loving working out to Pamela Reif’s workout videos on Youtube whilst stuck at home 24/7 like the rest of the world. *Sigh*

Anyway, below are some of my favorite videos I watch whilst I workout – one is for 10mins, the other is for 15mins and the last one is a 20mins video:

This one is great to do whilst you have 10mins in the morning/at lunch or even at night.
I loooooove this workout because she dances to 80’s music- honestly, it’s so so much fun! Perfect 15min cardio session.
I usually do this one in the mornings or at lunch and it’s a great full-body workout which requires no equipment.

Next here is the yoga mat I ordered and use to do these workouts/use to meditate (I love it so much):

Unfortunately, it sold out from JD Sports (which is where I bought it from) but it’s back on the Nike website for UK customers only. (Click here to purchase).

And finally, here is the work-out clothes I recently purchased from H&M (everything I wanted from JD sports were sold out so I got some basic sportswear for the meantime):

Sports tights with mesh
Double-layered running shorts
Sports bra High support
Seamless sports bra

In addition to these workout videos, I have also been watching Yoga with Adriene‘s videos for meditation and basic beginner level yoga and using the Nike training app which has been so good!

Hope this was helpful! 🙂

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With love,


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