A week back home in London

July 17, 2020

OMG! I am so happy I have been home with my parents for almost a week (sadly, I leave tomorrow). 😔😢

I haven’t had the best start to the year and being away from family, friends, my city and all that I know has been difficult, these last few months.

But here I am, back home, enjoying time with my loved ones in the city I once called home! (I no longer live in London). 💚💚💚

It’s been so long since I’ve been in London that my heart is filled with so much joy and contentment. I can’t wait to share with you all, what I have been up to so far!

So, how my journey started…

Right, so I was making ways to the airport last Friday (10th July) to catch my flight to London with BA at 12:05 PM. However, I was scared I was going to miss my flight.

Here’s why:
  1. I got on the wrong train at 09:00 AM, which is when I got to the train station
  2. The journey to the airport from where I ended up, took me an hour and 30 mins
  3. The airport security was crazy – I kid you not!
  4. I had 30 minutes until I had to get to the gates from when I was going through security
  5. I made it past security but misread my gate number as I was rushing
  6. Checked the flights again, realised I was going the wrong way
  7. Ran back towards gate H!
  8. Got to my gate with 2 minutes to spare
  9. Sat down, catch my breath, and then was called to board at 11:40 PM

Note: I was worried I’d miss my flight and re-book, which was the last thing I wanted since I booked two flights prior to this flight, both of which were cancelled due to technical issues.*

*The flights were cancelled by a different airline.

Anyway, here are some images from the airport:
And here are some images from the flight:

Note: BA was kind enough to give each passenger a snack bag (I was so grateful for it as I slept so late the night before and missed breakfast).

My flight was good, I watched One Tree Hill the whole time and after an hour and 50 minutes or so, I managed to land safe and sound into London Heathrow, before the expected landing time. 😊

And although I missed the 14-day self-quarantine period which ended the day before, I had to still fill in the form about where I have been and where I am staying, etc.

I’m FINALLY in London…

As I am only here for the week (this time around) I had to make the most of it, so I ate lots of good food, hosted a BBQ with my dad at my parent’s house and went out for coffee, Turkish tea, and shisha catch-ups too.

I also went to visit relatives and friend’s houses so had lots of home-cooked meals which were lovely. But most importantly, I got to spend time with my parents, sisters, little brother and, cat! 🤗

Here are a few pictures from this week:

I am catching a flight to Naples, Italy tomorrow (god willing) thus my week in London has been short-lived.

But it has also been precious, and I thank God for this huge blessing which has nourished my soul!

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Until next time…

With love,


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