A beautiful french poem that got me thinking…

August 6, 2020
I came across this french poem called: “Se pétrir d’un voyage” by Maëlle Ranoux and I fell in love with it! 😍

Have a read:

Since I can’t read/write/speak French (yet- God willing I’ll be able to one day) I had to find an English translation it to understand it.

I am aware you can’t completely translate poetry and still preserve the meaning, so I have also attached the rough translation in English below:

This poem got me thinking about the importance of languages and how it not only allows us to connect but allows us to understand each others culture and history.

It truly helps us bridge the gap we have between us and allows us to communicate without limitations and in a manner that enables the sharing of common ideas.

Additionally, have you noticed how people construct their thoughts differently in other languages? So, if you learn a different language (that isn’t your mother tongue), you are essentially learning a new way of thinking.

For me, growing up in a multicultural city like London is why I have always been curious about the link between language and how we view the world and why I wish to learn as many languages as I can. However, as a child, I learnt to read, write and speak my mother tongue but quickly forgot it since everyone around me spoke in English.

Je me souviens de l’océan

Chaud et doux,

S’entêtant à me séduire,

S’allongeant sur mes rêves…

– Maëlle Ranoux
Thinking out aloud…

It occurred to me that learning a language will be difficult for me since I am a lot older and everyone around me still speaks English even if their mother tongue is different. 👀

I studied Spanish (as well as French) in high school but I quickly forgot it (although I still know some cuss words). Lol! But honestly, I LOVE the Latin languages! 💛 They all sound so beautiful and are unique even though they have some similarities.

(The fact that I can experience a summer in Italy is a dream and a huge blessing which I am so grateful for)! 🤗

Note: Languages come in different forms- music is a language, coding is a language, art, film and photography are all visual languages, all of which I often use as forms to express myself and connect with people.

I hope you enjoyed this read but more importantly this beautiful poem.

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Until next time,

With love,


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