5 Creative Ways Not To Be Bored At Home

October 3, 2020

Even though we are no longer in lockdown, I understand it may feel like there is nothing to do due to all the restrictions which leave you having no option but staying at home.

Not to mention, there may be another lockdown in the UK and some countries in the EU very soon. So we’ll probably be home again without much choice. 🙄🙄🙄

Or you’re always busy working but rest assured, there are plenty of things to do when you’re bored. Trust me, I know!

So I wanted to share 5 creative things you can do at home when you are feeling bored. 😬

Sure you’re all so used to working from home all day and then being too tired to do anything else besides watching Netflix and chill.

Or is that just me? 👀👀👀

If this is also you, then know that we as humans have complex minds that require stimulation and a challenge so that we can grow. Therefore, it is important we spend our time being creative and/or learning new things where we can!

I’ve put together a list of things that I’m currently enjoying at home, which actually help me with my boredom. Maybe it will help you too?

1. Reading

Let’s start with a simple thing that not only helps stimulate your mind but keeps the boredom at bay. Reading for FUN! And, no, you don’t have to be a “nerd” to read a book.

I used to read ALL the time when I was younger and then I stopped until the global pandemic hit.

Now, I am enjoying books I saved on my iPad (I finally downloaded a few e-books and pdf versions of books I like since I thought why not?) or self-help books, novels, etc I have on my shelf that I bought but never read or read a chapter of before I put it back!

2. Start a blog, podcast or even a YouTube channel?

I have been blogging properly for a year now and I absolutely LOVE it! 😍

Note: Even though I don’t monetise from blogging, l happily write a blog post every week. 😛

If you’ve always thought about starting a blog, podcast or, a YouTube channel now is the time and there are unlimited resources, tools, articles, etc. on the internet that can help you get started.

I highly recommend spending a few days doing research and planning a strategy before creating your desired platform(s).

I have just created a Podcast channel but I have yet to figured out what my channel will be about, create a logo and artwork, do some research about what equipment and editing software I may need or is good for beginners and finally, planned content for it.

As you can imagine, a lot of work goes into these platforms, but if you enjoy it, you will make time for it and trust me, it’s worth the time.

Note: All you need to do is set some time to research, strategise, plan and create content until you learn how to incorporate these activities into your normal daily schedule.

3. Arts & Crafts

Even if you’ve never considered yourself as artistic or an artist, now is the time to try as you don’t need an artist to be creative.

Whether it’s drawing, painting, or doing something crafty, I think you should 100% give it a go. Creating something that is yours is a fun way to learn more about a side of you, you may not have known existed! 

So I would recommend buying some art and crafts supplies (if you don’t already have some at home) to see what you can create. 😌

I have always been a creative person so for me, this is something I love doing. But I especially love creating scrapbooks, photo albums, etc. or I love using my mindfulness colouring book. I ordered this one from Amazon.

4. Learn a New Language

Learning a new language, especially if you are a fully grown adult like myself, it is SUPER challenging- believe me, I know the struggle. 

It can seem very daunting to try and learn the complexities of a language- take the Latin languages, for example. I am trying to learn Spanish, which is proving to be very difficult at the moment! *Cries*

I haven’t even set unattainable goals yet and there are days, I just want to pull my hair out and scream because I struggle to retain the information I’m learning but I remind myself, consistency is key and it is important I make time to learn daily instead of every other day or weekly. 😶

Also, for those of you who are just starting, you don’t necessarily have to set a goal of becoming fluent or even a confident conversationalist. Just the act of learning new vocabulary and listening to a new language can be very stimulating for your brain as well as exciting enough to keep you from being bored when at home.

I started learning Spanish on and off last year but have been more focused this year way after watching Nathaniel Drew’s video on Youtube. See below:

After watching this video (and also part two) I have been incorporating and making slow progress ever since! Puedo hablar un poco de Español ahora hehe! 🤓

Anyway, there are so many free resources online for you to get started learning a language. So if you’re bored at home- learn a new language.

Again you don’t need to set serious or unattainable goals or apply pressure on yourself, you can honestly just enjoy exploring a new language and going from there! 🤗

5. Bake

So baking has been so much fun for me recently and I’m not much of a baker, in fact, I only really know how to bake almost perfectly are all kinds of cookies. Especially chunky chocolate chip cookies! 🤣

But I have been experimenting since the lockdown. I’ve learned how to make a Tres Leches cake (three milk cake) and an olive oil cake (similar to the one Kylie Jenner posted on her IG story many times lol) and so on! 😋

I’ve always wanted to get better at baking and I’ve found so many cool recipes on YouTube and Pinterest that I always have something new to bake and usually on a Sunday.

You don’t have to make anything fancy and you can even find simple recipes that only use 5 ingredients or less!

You’ll probably be surprised at how many of the ingredients you already have in your pantry. Trust me, I am always surprised when I look at mine.

That wraps up my 5 creative ways not to be bored at home.

Until next time ….

With love,


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