Working Out At Home With YouTuber Pamela Reif This Winter

October 7, 2020

Hey guys, I have been working at home with my favorite fitness YouTuber- the one and only beautiful Pamela Reif. (Go on her YouTube video, I promise you will not regret it- she is amazing)! 💪🏽👏🏽

Even though I have started back at the gym, I haven’t been going as often as I like, due to the fact I have to wear a mask while working out, which makes it difficult for me to work out, to be honest with you. So I prefer working out from home some days.

I started following the lovely Pamela Reif at the start of the year (on Instagram and YouTube) and fell in love with her content, work ethic, dedication to health and fitness, and her goal-getter attitude. 😍

I also linked a few of her videos (along with the affordable gym clothes I ordered) I watched during the first lockdown- if you would like a read, click here.

Below are the routines I have been following since I don’t have the time or energy work out for more than 30mins – max 45 mins due to work and other commitments. 

30 minute routine:

Go on her channel for all of the videos above! 😊

45 minute routine

Click on the image to be redirected to her channel, same with the above image…

I will also write a post on my gym routine once I go more regularly and establish an actual routine! Hehe.

Let me know in the comments below or via email if you watch Pamela Reif’s videos and, if you do- what you think of them? Also, let me know if there are any other fitness YouTubers you watch/follow that you would recommend me. I love home workouts, so always eager to discover good workout videos.

Hope this was helpful- until next time…

With love,


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