How To Save Better As A University Student

October 22, 2020

Hey guys, so I have a sister who is in her third year of university and she and I were going through her finances and it occurred to me, why don’t I share the tips I gave her when she went into the first year of University with you? 

Especially since we are all in a difficult time, what with being in a pandemic that is making it hard for some of us to manage our finances! Maybe some of you may find it helpful if you’re in your first year?

Memory lane…

I remember when I started University and I had no clue about how to manage my finances. (Thankfully since then I’ve done my research and had advice from people who were experienced in this)!

As a student, managing your finances can be a little difficult to deal with, especially when you haven’t been responsible for looking after it before. Trust me, I know! *I’ve been there, done that!*

So here are a few tips I gave my sister when she was going in to her first year of University:

Open up a student bank account

You probably already have a bank account, however, there are some great benefits to opening up an account with Barclays for example, that is dedicated to students specifically.

I benefited from having a student account and so has my sister. Especially when you have student finances paying you money every term!

Start budgeting  

This is KEY- not just as a student but always. I budget to this day and now I love it (so does my sister). I think it’s important to know what’s coming in and going out of your account(s) before setting a set amount of money aside for yourself. There are plenty of apps that can help you do this too! Otherwise, feel free to do it the old fashion way (like my folks do) with a pen, paper, and calculator! 

Best way to do this is by figuring out where all your money is going- either by looking back at your bank statement/receipts, or simply input a rough estimate of how much you think you spend on each category.

Find a way to make some money – online and offline

Of course, it’s easier to budget if you have a weekly/monthly income which in turn helps you save, but for those who don’t then, I always say get creative and use some of the talents you have to generate a source of income, whether it’s online or offline. 

If you have a skill such as baking or makeup artistry etc you should start an Instagram account and promote your baked goods or models you’ve applied makeup on (it can even be your sister/mum/bestie- it doesn’t matter). 

Split the bill with friends

This is a great way to budget and save. Any time you and your friends plan a study day or a night out (maybe not during Lockdown 2.0 if you’re in the UK, Germany, Italy, or France) then pool all your resources together and split the bills for the food you eat, uber journey’s you take, etc. 

My sister has a car so do all her friends so whoever the driver is on their planned night out, they all chip in for the petrol and all give £20 each for example, for the meals, etc. 

Shop smart

Look for discounts, coupon codes, and vouchers available to students. But more importantly, utilise Unidays if you’re in the UK- this was my go-to for pretty much everything (my sisters too) and sometimes I still use my sister’s one hehe (guess this is the last year for both of us to use it).  

There are plenty of FREE resources online that can help you with your budgeting and savings goal. Check out – they have great articles on these topics and more!

Note: I will write a more deal post (next) on ‘how you can manage your finances in your mid 20’s‘. 😬🙌🏽

In the meantime, I wish you University students all the luck this academic year, I know it is strange to study online. But you’ll get through it. Better days are still to come. 😊👍🏽

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With love,


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