‘The Letter’, with love Coco Cola!

November 28, 2020

Being a Coke (Zero) fan I was so excited to see Coca Cola’s Christmas advert called, ‘The Letter’. It’s a short film about a dad who sets off on a mission for his daughter. 🤗

Coco-Cola wanted to make this advert something their customers will (hopefully) remember for years to come, which is essentially being present and at the moment with your loved ones. Especially with so many lived lost this year.

‘The Letter’, asks you to “give something only you can give – yourself” this Christmas, despite the current situation, we are all in – a global pandemic.

About the video:

In this one minute long advert, the viewers will see a father looking at the letter to Santa Claus from his daughter whilst on his lunch break.

Failing to send this letter off to be delivered by post, the father goes on a long journey in severe weather conditions to the North Pole. I mean how cute is he? I think we need more fathers like him. 🥺💕

Fathers often get praised for doing the bare minimum in our society, and whilst that’s OK for some. However, I think, a good father will go above and beyond for his child.

I was watching Liar, Liar the other day and realised that in the film, Jim Carey realised the same thing; that he doesn’t do enough as a father and should. Just giving my two cents. 💁🏽‍♀️

Moving on, the father arrives at the North Pole, only to find a sign on the door that reads: “Closed for Christmas”.

Disappointed he was unable to fulfil his daughters’ request, he turns around to see a Coca Cola Christmas Truck, which brought him back home. (Can you guess who drove this truck? 😉)


When he approached home, the letter from his daughter was handed back to him and it stated:

“Dear Santa, Please bring Daddy home for Christmas”.

What are the odds and how cute is that though?

This video made many viewers cry at how beautiful the message Coca Cola portray. It is a beautifully created video and I for one, love it.

See the video below:

Coca-Cola | “The Letter”

“It’s no secret that 2020 has been a difficult year on so many levels. Christmas is traditionally a time when people spend quality time with loved ones. However, given the year we’ve all had, spending dedicated time and being present in the moment with loved ones will be the priority above all else.” 

Walter Susini, SVP of marketing for Coca-Cola Europe
Image credit: Coca-Cola

Also, I feel this video was a creative way to feature the infamous Coca Cola Christmas truck?! Especially since the company announced the “Truck Tour” won’t go ahead this year due to the pandemic, understandably so.

For your information:

“The Letter” was also shot over five days in August in Waititi’s home country of New Zealand. Coca-Cola and Wieden+Kennedy London staffed the project entirely with local actors and production crews, eliminating the need for international travel. How cool is that? They of course followed Government guidelines for Covid, just a little FYI.

Finally, did you know that The Coca-Cola Company paused all global advertising when lockdowns took effect earlier this spring? They instead used marketing resources to support COVID-19 prevention and relief efforts during the initial phase of the global public health crisis. (LOVE that!)

Hope you enjoyed this, let me know if you would like more posts like this! (Leave me a comment or drop me an email).

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