February Favourites – Winter Sales & Great Finds!

February 27, 2021

Hey guys, here are my February favourites: clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery I bought at the beginning of this month and loved! 😊

I hope that you guys find these things helpful or find inspiration for some new things to buy.

Let’s get started!

I bought cute essentials from Mango to wear this Spring and Summer. 🍃


To start with, I bought a pair of white sneakers, which are essential for me in the warmer months.

I love white sneakers, especially unbranded ones. When I’m in London where it rains ALL the time, I wear sneakers like this without feeling too bad about ruining them as they’re inexpensive. I bought these for 12.99€.

Basic white sneakers *no longer in stock*

Next, I bought this cute black chain bag to wear out in the evenings. I can fit my essentials in there so the size of the bag is perfect.

I am obsessed with the Gold Chain and details! ✨ I bought this for 9.99€! What a bargain? I remember seeing it in the store in December for 29.99€.

Note: It is still on Mango UK

Beaded chain handbag

Moving on, I bought this beautiful snake print blouse, which I cannot dress up and down in the next few months. I love snake print *I’m not a huge fan of prints* but this print always looks good with neutral colours. 😍

Puffed Sleeves Blouse (image is linked)

Finally, I bought this cute shopper bag which gave me Long Champ vibes and it was only 24.99€. The size is so handy for everyday wear. 🤗

Nylon shopper bag (image is linked)

Moving on to the final bits: two necklaces. I bought these from a small business based in London after finding them on Instagram and I love them so much! 😍

Nimah London:

Here is their Instagram page: @nimahlondon

Two necklaces – The first one is in Rose Gold, and the second one is in Gold (image is linked to the homepage).

They are so pretty and dainty and serve as a beautiful reminder for me.

One is a camel which is a symbol that says “Trust in God but tie your camel” and I got in rose gold for £27.99 a little pricey but well worth it.

The other one is “Indeed with hardship will be ease” in gold colour, also for £27.99, which, again is a little pricey but def worth it.

Two precious and important statements I live by! ❤️

I hope you enjoyed this month’s favourites!

Read last months here and keep an eye out on next months one. 👀

Until next time…

With Love,


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