Maltesers​ – #TheMassiveOverShare Campaign for New Mums

March 13, 2021

I am an advocate for ‘mental health’ so when I saw that Malteser’s recently launched their ‘#TheMassiveOvershare’ campaign, just in time for International Women’s Day, I was so excited.

Maltesers launched ad’s and commercials which encouraged new mum’s to talk about their struggles after giving birth so that they could raise awareness and better recognise and understand symptoms new mums have which often is undetected, misdiagnosed, and/or overlooked in the early stages of motherhood.

This campaign was created with Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, an advertising agency.

See the commercial below:

See the ads below:

Image Credits: Maltesers and AMV BBDO.

“This campaign is just the start of the brand tackling this issue. More activity is planned around Maternal Mental Health Month in May and throughout the next year. We’ve heard is how motherhood is this real spectrum of emotions which can change on a daily basis. We really want to start the conversation and get mums to recognise the importance of that and saying it is okay to ask for help – to encourage talking about tougher stuff and take away that stigma.”

Leah Dyckes, brand director of Maltesers UK

The Mars Wrigley brand also ran a social media campaign exploring the “lighter” and “darker” sides of motherhood. It will include bespoke Giphy stickers, social posts and Instagram Stories, and encourage mums to share their personal experiences.

I love the hashtag used in their social media campaign! They worked well and helped mums connect through this hashtag and showed them they are not alone with their struggles and stories.

What do you think of this campaign? Let me know in the comments below or drop me an email.

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